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How Strong is Your Portfolio?

Strong Wealth Management LLC ("SWM") is a wealth advisory firm dedicated to providing investment management advice and strategic wealth planning solutions to individuals, families and organizations. Our goal is not just to provide our clients with strong, innovative wealth management solutions to life's financial dilemmas, but also to help alleviate the accompanying stress in so doing. In short, our mission is to provide our clients with financial peace of mind.

Using as guidelines our clients' current financial position, risk tolerance, objectives and timeline, we create a custom-tailored financial plan with the scope of their unique financial situation to address their specific needs and to help realize their long-term financial goals and dreams.

Strong Wealth Management holds trust, integrity and respect for each client as core values. We are committed to professionally supporting and educating each client, family member or employee throughout the process as we believe that this transparency of information builds trust on your part and integrity on ours.

We help people make their money work harder for them so they don’t have to.

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The Strong Pillars to Wealth Management


Simplify Your Financial Life

Financial Planning

At SWM we work hand in hand with you to create your own personal balance sheet documenting your income & expenses and assets & liabilities to better understand your current financial standing. Whether you are looking to buy a house, start a family, save money for retirement or leave a legacy, our customized financial plan will serve as a roadmap to help you successfully navigate the financial complexities of life and get you from where you are to where you want to be.


Safeguard Your Financial Assests

Risk Management & Mitigation Strategies

Risk is an inevitable part of life and an intrinsic part of investing, for without risk, there is no reward. However, there are ways to reduce your exposure to those risks. We pride ourselves on our ability to limit downside risk through the use of options and derivatives, as well as protect your assets from creditors with the use of trusts and other legal vehicles. At SWM, we believe that the best way to build wealth is to start by protecting what you already have.


Secure Your Financial Future

Investment Advice & Portfolio Management

Unlike many brokerage firms, we custom tailor an individualized portfolio for you to specifically address your unique set of requirements. Your life and set of circumstances are not “cookie-cutter” so why should your portfolio addressing those needs be? At Strong Wealth Management, we don’t fit you to an existing portfolio of ours, we fit a portfolio to you.