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Strategic Financial Planning

Financial plans not only help you create and maintain wealth, but they also help un-complicate your financial life. This is why we offer a complimentary strategic financial plan with our investment management services. Our strategic financial plans identify areas that may need improvement, assess the severity of the potential problem and then create a strategic solution to optimize your wealth potential.

Some of the objectives we may target in your strategic financial plan include:

Planning your retirement income

Longevity risk is the risk of outliving your nest egg in retirement. In order to avoid that fate, not only should you have a strategy surrounding the accumulation of your nest egg for retirement but also a strategy for your distribution of those funds in retirement. Let us help.

Leaving a legacy

“Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes.” Estate planning deals with both of these inevitabilities as it addresses what occurs with your assets after your death and how to reduce the tax liability of those assets when that happens. Let us help you ensure that your money goes where you want it to go after your death in the most cost effective, tax-efficient manner possible because “you can’t take it with you.”


Planning for higher education

Tuition inflation is the annual rate of increase in college costs. On average, tuition inflation has been increasing at nearly double the actual inflation rate over the past decade so the sooner you start saving for college, the better. Let us help you navigate the options and investment vehicles available to you from among the 529s, Coverdell ESAs, UTMA/UGMAs to find the right strategy and tool(s) for the job.

Business Planning

If you own your own business, you know all too well that there’s nothing “small” about it and that things affecting your business can—and often do—affect your personal life and vice versa. Determining your business structure (LLC, S-Corp, etc.), compensation and benefits, retirement plan options and the tax implications of each are only a few of the critically important decisions you have to make that will have not only have a lasting impact on your business but also on your personal life and finances as well.

Protecting your assets

Whether that means something as simple as helping you to understand your insurance coverage or something a little more involved like working with your trust & estate attorneys to implement a comprehensive asset protection strategy using trusts and other legal vehicles, SWM has the tools and expertise to help you protect what’s yours.

Stock Compensation Planning

If you’re receiving Restricted Stock, Stock Options, RSUs or some other stock compensation incentive, we have the expertise and the resources to help you make sense of the vesting schedule, tax implications, and distribution options of your particular plan so that you can determine the most cost effective, tax-efficient path that works best for you and your specific set of circumstances.

Managing your cash flow

Make sure you have the cash to cover expenses, both large and small, when you need it. We can structure your cash flow such that the income provided by your investments is timed to match/coordinate with the arrival of large expenses so that you don’t have to sell anything to meet the obligation and you have one less thing to worry about.

Lowering your taxes

No one likes paying full price for something they could get on sale, so why would you pay more than you owe in taxes? Through our customized tax planning strategies, we can help minimize your tax burden and better enable you to build and maintain wealth more efficiently throughout your lifetime.

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Strong Process | Strong Outcome

The financial planning process matters. Our 6-step process ensures a financial plans that meets your specific needs.

Gather Client Data

During our initial Discovery Meeting, we define the scope of the engagement, and we obtain quantitative information and documents.

Establish Goals

With the client, we determine the client's personal and financial goals, needs and priorities.

Analyze Finances

With all data, goals and objectives in hand, we begin a strict analysis process to truly figure out the best possible options for the client.


Develop a Plan

With all data, goals and objectives in hand, we begin a strict analysis process to truly figure out the best possible options for the client.

Implement the Plan

We agree on implementation responsibilities and select products and services for implementation.

Monitor & Review

We monitor the progress of your plan and meet periodically to review and adjust if necessary.

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