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Those who build wealth owe it to themselves to protect it. And with greater wealth comes an increased exposure to potential liabilities.

Protecting the assets of high-net-worth individuals often requires sophisticated risk management strategies and planning. We help you manage risk so you can better secure your family’s financial future and focus on what matters most.

Risk management provides financial security through STRONG investment strategies, tools and services. The goal is to mitigate large financial losses if and when they occur.

A comprehensive risk management strategy will consider personal, property and liability risks.

Personal risk management includes the potential loss of income due to injury, poor health and unemployment.

Property risks includes the potential loss of value of assets due to fire, hurricanes, negligence and other uncontrollable events.

Liability risks include situations such as lawsuits and damage to other’s property or person due to negligence.



Gather Info & Assess Specific Risks

Depending on your specific needs, we can perform a comprehensive risk assessment across all of your assets or just your investable ones. We use sophisticated investment risk analysis tools to determine what your risk exposure would be in the event of a correction or extreme volatility event.

Identify, Strategize, Plan

The basic risk management techniques are avoidance of risk, loss prevention and reduction (loss control), retention (planned assumption) of risk, and transfer of risk. Insurance is the most important transfer device. Based on the results of our risk analysis, we will determine which approach to use for each respective risk.

Execute, Monitor & Adjust 

It doesn’t matter how much planning went into a strategy if it is improperly executed. At SWM, we have the resources and the expertise necessary to know how to use them to ensure that your risk plan is properly implemented.

Managing Portfolio Risk/Portfolio Risk Management Strategies

In addition to the more traditional portfolio risk management strategies typically used such as diversification, portfolio rebalancing and dollar-cost-averaging, SWM also offers our unique specialization in advanced options-based strategies to further reduce risk, dampen portfolio volatility, hedge against specific market conditions or even tactically employ downside protection using options for individual positions or your entire portfolio.

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